The Foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser is a durable, stainless steel dispenser designed for any industrial environment. These hands-free, foot-activated units can dispense our one gallon bottles of Hand Sanitizer Spray, Alpet E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer Spray, either of our E2 foam soaps. Hands-free is recommended in food processing or dairies, Industrial Hygiene. We make use of the high quality of raw materials to manufacture foot operated hand sanitizer machine accurately designed products which those best qualities that are our customers can attain at a responsible cost.

We have maintained high international standard quality and are considered highly trustworthy by clients. Our foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser are popular worldwide and we supplier and exporter in various countries such as India, Australia, USA, UK, Spain, Nepal, Italy, Germany, Netherland, Oman, Qatar, Sweden, Switzerland and so on.

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