Payal Engineering, Ahmedabad Based Company design and developed disinfection tunnel design for Covid 19, and also disinfection tunnel manufacturers in India. These built two automatic sanitizer machines to spray at to government office and school industrial complex with disinfectant before they start work. The disinfection tunnel machine is equipped with infrared detectors that activate a spray from misters when a person enters, and can take 10 to 15 seconds to spray the person.

When human entered in the Disinfection tunnel machine at that time sensors which are placed top center and side center senses human body which gives output to the circuit and circuit gets activated and whole system activates and all 14 sprayers gets activated and starting to spray towards the center of the tunnel. All 14 sprayer sprays on the human body and it will automatically stop after 10-15 seconds, because 10-15 second is enough for Sanitization.

disinfection tunnel design for covid 19 in Bet Dwarka, Gujarat

Technical specification



Disinfection Tunnel Machine


4 x 4 x 7 ft

Sterilization For



Ideal for hospitals, malls, offices


PVC, Steel, Mild Steel, Iron

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